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95% of retail Forex traders lose money – Is this Fact, or Fiction?,How to Invest in Amazon

There are a few more points between those three. A 5% success rate is considered good. There were around 10 who made money, but not enough to sustain their operation. According to this Your success rate in forex trading is high as long as you are ready to put in the effort. There are statistics that you must have read—95% of the traders lose money or only 1% make money in There is no hard and fast success rate for forex. It is commonly claimed that forex has a % success rate for beginners. In other words, most beginning forex traders fail. Hard data 20/4/ · Forex Strategy which boasts a 98% Success Rate in the trading markets. Read about more Forex strategies at Forex Strategy Blog from Platinum Academy, UK. Forex 31/12/ · By blending good analysis with effective implementation, your success rate will improve dramatically, and, like many skill sets, good trading comes from a combination of ... read more

Having some idea of where buy and sell orders are located in the market is critical to becoming the best Forex trader you can be. It can strengthen any trading strategy by providing areas to watch for potential entries as well as profit targets. Trading Forex without using some form of price action is like trying to drive a car with one eye closed. So even if you are developing a strategy based on indicators , it would behoove you to learn about price action.

If nothing else, it will provide a solid foundation from which you can design and develop other strategies. I see a lot of talk on the internet about the need for a trader to develop an edge and define it.

So what exactly is a trading edge and why is it important? An edge is everything about the way you trade that can help put the odds in your favor. It even includes your pre- and post-trading routine. How do you handle losses?

What do you do when you win? These are all things that make up your trading edge. It was everything. It was their passing, shooting, dribbling, movement of the ball, set plays and everything in between that gave them an edge over other teams. Nor do you have to master all of them to start putting the odds in your favor. Instead, master one thing at a time. For example, become an expert at identifying key levels. Then expand your skill set by learning how to determine trend strength.

After that, set your focus on learning about pin bars. Those three things are all you need to witness a rise in your profit curve. Continue to expand your skill set in this manner and soon you will have a trading edge of your own.

The key is to only tackle one or two factors at most at a time. Using a slow and steady approach will get you on the road to becoming a successful Forex trader in no time. This might apply to other ventures in life, but Forex is the exception. This is different from studying hard.

As a new trader to Forex, studying the market is highly recommended. The harder you try to learn those particular topics, the better. However, trying to make a trading strategy work will only lead to destructive behavior, such as emotional trading.

Similarly, trying too hard to find trading opportunities is a good way to lose money on subpar setups. In fact, I wrote a post that features several of his books. When I first started trading Forex, I remember spending countless hours studying setups over the weekend.

I would often come back to my trading desk multiple times on Saturdays and Sundays. Then on Monday, more often than not I would end up taking a completely different trade setup only to watch the original trade idea move in the intended direction without me. It happened because I was trying too hard. As soon as I stopped over-analyzing trade setups and trying to make them work, my profit curve started to rise. Now I spend maybe 20 to 30 minutes per day looking at my charts—the exception being the charts I post on this website , of course.

As counterintuitive as it may seem, learning to not try so hard was one of the things that completely changed my trading career for the better. Successful Forex traders have taken note of this, which is why they let the market do the heavy lifting for them. The concept of thinking in terms of money risked, as it applies to Forex trading, is no exception. Think about your last trade for a moment.

Did you define the exact dollar amount at risk before putting on the trade? Or were you more focused on the number of pips and the percentage of your account at risk? The convenience of Forex position size calculators has made it so that we never have to consider the dollar amount being risked. This convenience has caused a huge oversight.

I wrote an article a while back called, Pips and Percentages Will Only Get You So Far. In it, I talk about the need to think in terms of money risked vs. pips or percentages. This is because pips and percentages carry no emotional value. So when you define your risk on a trade as a percentage only, it triggers the logical side of your brain and leaves the emotional side searching for more.

The best Forex traders know this. Such a statement would contradict my own experience. What I am saying is that no successful Forex trader needs a win today to pay the electric bill tomorrow. No trader can sustain that kind of pressure and become consistently profitable. That type of environment will only foster destructive emotions such as fear and greed.

Embrace the challenge and focus on the journey to becoming a successful Forex trader and the money will follow. All successful Forex traders know when to walk away and take a break. Those who are truly passionate about trading Forex know how hard it can be sometimes to walk away from the market.

Walking away can be especially difficult following a trade. This is because our emotions are running high and often get the best of us. It feels like things are finally starting to click.

Walking away at this time can be tough. The natural tendency after a winning trade is to continue trading. Taking a break after a win will allow your emotions to settle.

So the next time you have a winning trade, pat yourself on the back and then walk away. I would immediately start going through all my charts looking for a new setup with the intent of recovering what I just lost. Instead of seeing a loss as a reason to hop back in the market, take it as a signal to look at what you could have done differently. Top Forex traders know this and have learned how to control these emotions.

The very first step in controlling your emotions involves walking away for a bit. Not all brokers offer New York close charts, but you can go here to get access to the same style charts I use. This is when I do the bulk of my analysis anyway since I trade the daily time frame, so it makes sense to take a breather until then.

They do it because it sells. Successful Forex traders know this. The only way you can fail at becoming a successful Forex trader is if you give up.

This sounds obvious, but it amazes me how often I see perseverance and grit left off the list of reasons why a certain trader became successful. That brings us back to the first section of this post where I mentioned passion. You must have a burning desire to want to succeed as a trader. Not because you want more money, but because you love trading. Sure, there are various tips that can help you, but those who have achieved consistent profits are not untouchable.

Embrace the journey, because there is no finish line. Even those who have achieved consistent profits have more to learn. I think the better question is: can you become consistently profitable trading Forex? The answer is a resounding, yes! The key is to focus on the process and forget about trying to strike it rich.

Focus on the process, stay disciplined, and the profits will follow. For instance, is a billionaire who works 16 hour days and is generally unhappy more successful than someone who makes six figures a year but only works 6 hours a day and loves what they do? The second individual is more successful in my opinion. Did any of the traits above come as a surprise to you? Can you think of an attribute of successful Forex traders I left out?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Thank you very much Justin this is great staff picked up a lot in the easiest way possible thanks to this article!!! Dr Bennett Sir I call you Dr because whenever I read your article something get cured and I become more healthier trader.

Your teaching are life changing and bank account changing. I love you man. God bless you. Wow, thanks for the kind words. And from my perspective, comments like yours keep me going as running a website this large is no easy task. how can i become a successful trader as a beginner? that wants to impact knowledge on other people. Being a beginner at anything means you have a steep learning curve ahead of you. Trading is certainly no exception. Instead, hone in on one thing at a time.

Become a master at identifying key levels. Then study pin bars until you know them inside and out. Trying to learn too much at one time is a recipe for disaster. I just want to say a big thank you to you Justin. I am making amends and soon will share my story. God bless bro. You making an impact in the way I trade. Keep the good work. Thanks for the valuable summary. The only good thing I dare to say great of the 9 is never give up. Getting the other 8 slowly but surely. Now, the more I trade the more I like myself because I am honest to face myself.

Hey Justin, can you recommend trading books to read! Also, thanks for the Market Wizard recommendation! Thanks a lot justin for your insight and posts. Paper trading, utilizing very small lots, a big desire to learn from your mistakes and sticking to the same strategy and improving on its execution and management skills are key ingredients of success.

Coach what about the desire for more informative material not just irrelevant information that is up on google and other sites in the internet? I learned trading Forex at Online Trading Academy. Do you have any opinion about them and their method? Thank you! Thank you Mr Bennett, I always love your posts and set up because no matter how experience you are, you will surely lean and gained from the post.

Thanks Justin for sharing your thoughts and daily setups…. Thank you Justin, I read the article and I see many things reflected from the experience I have had in these three years operating, I follow it a year ago and my way of thinking and operating has taken a total turn and most importantly productive. Thank you illustrious for your valuable advice and teachings.

Translated by Google. Very good write-ups. I am glad I had overcome some of the attributes that you mentioned. My perseverance, passion and determination have assisted me a lot. The process and procedures to trade correctly have somehow made me a better trader.

No longer I feel pain, frustration and revenge when I lose in a trade. I had already learned what you given, that is, structured your thoughts of dollar value one can forgo as a loss thus there is no pain but seen as an expense into the business. Thank you for sharing such a wonder article. I have been reading your posts for sometime now, learned a lot to be able to decide whether I would start my trading career now that I am retired from work.

Thanks for the insights and looking forward to more understanding of trading the forex market! Very informative and helpful guide that any one venturing into trading must know beforehand. Thank you Justin. I have been following you for quite sometime.

Since March I have engaged in going through all the free post and weekly setups. The information you put out is authentic and very helpful always gain so much in every post. On the other hand getting ready to join the community which I am happy to know I will be able beginning of October to complete the journey. Thank you so much Justin. Your articles really rekindles hope in us. All that is left for me is the discipline to practice these great tips from your blog.

God bless you real good. Good, this is an encouraging wake up message, well educative, now I have hope of becoming a successful Forex trader. What left is to work towards it which I will try my best. Thank you for the good job. thanks very much. of all articles i have ever read from you this one has indeed left me speechless. if someone can hardly maintain discipline plus others,can be sure successful.

i am trying to be gain goal,thanks sir. Dear Justin thank you so much for this wonderful piece of writing, i have learned so much from it. The fifth one came as surprise to me, i too used to think of risk in terms of percentage not the dollars, i will be sure to subscribe to this new mindset. My favorite trait is the eighth one i am very positive that my trading will improve. Much love from Windhoek-Namibia. Dear Justin, Sometime, l marvel at your wealth of experience. I really enjoy reading your writeups.

I am still in forex trading because of my passion. I pray l get the required skill sets to start profiting.

Simplicity is the key to success in Forex trading but the quantum of information available to traders confuses them. I think this is deliberate. It is my wish you continue to make understanding forex simple to most of us determined to take it as a profession.

Thank you for sharing with us what you know and are helping you to be successful. Best Regards. hi , six years ago I took an interest in forex after a while I purchased a course for £5. thanks a gain and wish you a good luck. From my experience as a forex trader , my most successful trades come from maximizing the opportunity of volatile news. I place stop orders on both sides of the market. Not always , but usually it results in a win.

I check the charts and decide what is the stop entry order , what is take profit and what is stop loss with trailing stop. There is risk that entry will be delayed as well as stop loss because the market is moving so quickly. But just as the market may move past the stop loss , it sometimes moves past take profit. the 9 attributes are true but what if ive been trading price action properly arcording to my knowledge and im still on a loosing streak.

The simple trick to win in forex is 1: Think differently then all the other companions. Its just a game they are playing with ur emotions and mind. Learn this game. So simple and effective guide. Bit it needs a lot of practice to bring these attributes in your trading habit.

Wonderful article — really insightful. Totally agree that not focusing on winners or losses is key to success. Changed the game for me. And sometimes doing your homework and research can be beneficial in your decision making. I would like to share my experience and answers if you have questions. Thank you for your words Justin, you inspire me. I need your help. I just joined your telegram page.

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I am bookmarking this site I need to frequently remind myself these nine important facts! Thank you very much, Justin! You are THE BEST! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Helpful article! Before starting currency trading. we have to study Economic information: Macro data like GDP trends, Money supply, inflation data, and interest rates.

Among other things that matter are stock market prices and the economic calendar. To me I take this opportunity to say thank u for portion u gave to me in my learning process and trading journey. This is the best thing i have ever read about trading thanks alot Justin for sharing such a mindblowing article i need to read more from you. Good Post!! Nice Article! Thanks For sharing your valuable information with us. Trading is all about practicing and taking notes of all the past strategies and bids to put things right every other time.

Even StarTrade NightProfit is also a professional bot for FX Trading who has Expert Advisors and Technical Indicators to improve trading performance. This is the first time am commenting on a blogpost,and do u know why,cause this is the best writeup av read so far.. a great eye opener.. Every trader can learn how to trade forex from your article.

Have a nice journey. It is a good way to increase your wealth if you have the right skills and knowledge about the industry as a whole. If you fail to become an expert in trading before investing large sums of money in it, you may be leading yourself towards financial ruin.

Fantastic article, Justin. I have been trading for over two years. although I learned a lot about Price Action and other things from my mistakes, I always felt that something was missing although correct in the analysis I was never consistently profitable , and I can say your blog helped me find what was missing: The right mindset. thank you. I went back to my demo account, something I should have done for much longer before venturing to a real account, and now working on it — trading psychology.

Such a well written article, this can really serve as a roadmap of topics to further study and become proficient in. Learning any craft takes years of hard work and dedication and trading is no different a shame scams make people believe otherwise.

This site is bookmarked for me! My regards to him. Birman law or most of these recovery companies cant be of help. you need to either venture into the darknet and get a trusted hacker or reach out to petru at hackwithme,tech. i got 2. Everyday is a day of new decisions. Contact us on email: tradewithluiscarlos gmail. Too many enter forex trading thinking it is a get-quick-rich opportunity. Thank you so much… I was losing money, but i wont call it losing money.. But it was a good investment….

Today I am a better trader.. I discovered that I do have passion for trading. Its true when you say without passion why do it….. Thank you. This reading was very fulfilling, I started a couple weeks ago and I have so so sooo much to learn, with that said, your honest words and insight have give me the encourage and motivation that I needed!

Thank you 🙂. The simple truth about binary options which many of us do not know is the fact that it is mainly based on predictions. Without proper knowledge of what next can happen to the stock market, you are sure to lose your funds.

That is why it is important to be tutored or mentored by a professional trader in binary options. Feel free to contact him on: Robertseaman gmail. Good Information!! Thanks for sharing a piece of stuff here. This article helps us to enhance the knowledge about forex trading.

I have never seen a broker company this unprofessional! I started trading with them on the 10th of July I decided to try out some of their tools on the demo ac. count I created and it worked perfectly but when I tried it on my live account, I lost a huge sum of amount. I made no profits so I decided to withdraw but they declined severally till I filed a charge back through: bettyrichard gmail. com The fin tech expert that got my funds back.

I sincerely hope something can be done to improve these faulty areas. Thanks for the insight. I read your content. Very nice. Your content is very informative. The content you are writing about forex traders is very important. To know more about forex trading visit my website that works like yours.

I think Forex trading is more dangerous these days than previous years due to the increase in the size of the leverage. Hi Justin, Really good post with the trading inspiration guide. Between the firm I traded at, and from conversations with other proprietary firm operators over the years, about 2, traders came through the doors.

So out of the approximate. The other approximately gave up, left, or were fired. All these people were training and practicing 6 to 8 hours per day, every weekday.

I am talking about consistent month-after-month profits. Most of the traders who did make money took five months or more to do it. I lost money small amounts for four months. Made a tiny bit in my fifth, equivalent to a part-time job in my sixth, a meager livable amount in my seventh, and then it kept going up from there. How long it takes you will depend on your income goals, how much capital you have, and your return from your trading strategy.

Here are some income scenarios for forex day trading. You can also start trading Futures with less capital. It is possible, but it is going to take a lot of time and discipline to build a small account into something that can produce a living. These are not perfect statistics.

There are many things to consider. BUT, conditions were very favorable at the trading firm s , and yet there is no question that most people could not make money as easily, or as quickly, as they assumed. See the full method for Day Trading and crushing the market in 2 hours or less a day. My Forex Day trading Course shows you how. It is about being disciplined; methodically coming up with a trading plan and sticking to it. It seems like many people are doing very well!

This is called availability bias see The Art of Thinking Clearly on this trading book list. Look at the dead space. There are likely thousands of members in those groups, and yet only a few are constantly parading profits. The facts in the section above show how many people succeeded out of the total. New traders are only seeing one side of the picture, the tiny more glamourous side. For further reading on why most traders lose, and the reasons behind it , see The Real Reasons Most Traders Lose Money.

In Europe, brokers are required to show how many people lose money while trading with that broker. While the regulators likely intended to make this a deterrent by showing how hard trading is, it actually makes it look much easier than it is! Again, we have an availability bias. The statistic that brokers publish is based on existing clients only! It does not include people who lost money and closed their accounts. Of the remaining, 30 are doing well, 70 are profitable, and the other are losing money to various degrees, but still have their account open.

The real statistic should be that people out of 1, not are profitable. Also, these figures published by brokers will include longer-term traders and investors as well. They are not isolating only short-term traders. The day trading odds dictate that very few will succeed, yet I believe any individual can choose to be part of the successful group by putting in a lot of efficient work.

We also must realize that this hard work must be done ourselves. We can buy courses and read books for ideas on how to do things, but it is still up to us to put in the work to make ourselves consistently profitable.

Trading for 0. Intense work comes prior. Many people see others working hours a day and enjoying the good life, and think it is easy and they can do that too.

They end up skipping all the steps that the successful trader took to achieve that lifestyle. Work hard, and focus on improving your own trading. What happens to you is based on what YOU do. Focus on implementing your strategies and improving your problem areas.

Find your strengths and capitalize on them. Trading is hard work, but I do believe it is possible for those that are dedicated to succeed at it. If you need inspiration on developing a trading method, or overcoming problem areas, check out my trading courses. Cory is a professional trader since In between trading stocks and forex he consults for a number of prominent financial websites and enjoys an active lifestyle. He runs TradeThatSwing and coaches individual clients.

It took me three years working with a trading coach to eliminate all my bad habits. Scott was the best and he taught me how to use the Price Slices on the Think or Swim TOS trading platform. I no longer need to use this tool for my swing trading, but it helped me understand how all the Greeks work together within the Black Scholes model. We met on Skype and I shared my screen with him once a week for minutes. In I participated in the US Investing Championships.

Previous winner and famous Market Wizard Mark Minervini was one of the more popular participants who went on to acheive massive success with his stock trading. They had two groups, professionals and money managers and one for us retail traders. I was the latter. There were close to participants who entered the contest. Each month we sent in PDF files of our brokerage statements showing the starting and ending balance for the month.

We had to make adjustments to the calculations to account for money that was added or removed during that month. It was only recently that I discovered that being an INTJ is a big reason for my success. The Van Tharp trader survey said I was a Strategic Trader similar personality type Paul Tudor Jones.

I admit I do have OCD type traits and my wife would go as far as describing it as Aspergers. Trading my own brokerage account in 2. I completed an Advanced General Practice Residency AGPR. This was a two year hospital based residency giving residents in the program advanced training in all the dental speciality groups. The 4 year multi-year retention bonus was substantial. So my gross salary was much higher than the normal O-6 Dental Officer who was not stationed in Alaska massive non taxed COLA and Housing Allowance or failed to completed a two year — six year residency.

While a resident I was sent to Walter Reed to attend a course on Oral Facial Pain. On the last day I lucked out and had the only instructor who had his course attendees try out the Heart Rate Variability monitor.

There are two types of resting states in the body. At the time I had just started working with Scott. I had no idea it was going to take 3.

I was able to retire and separate from the military in with 25 years of service credit and I have not looked back since. The Thrift Savings Plan TSP government k system was recently updated and they sent out our 12 month statements for June May I posted a My secret was utilizing the G fund which is comprised of short term T bills, aka cash account.

So anytime I got a sell signal to go short the market I was camped out in the G fund. The other restriction is we can only make two intra-fund transfers a month.

I am really happy that so many of you got in touch after reading it! I can guarantee you that! Those who trade the markets be them professionals or not will all agree on this. Then keep on reading and I will show you. Be it a short sell or Long buy level. No other educator or training company will actually be able to give you that edge. Only Platinum Trading Academy will be able to provide you with this Forex Strategy.

I am talking about the EXTREME ZONE FOREX STRATEGY. Here at Platinum Trading Academy, we use an Algorithm which gives us a series of Buy and Sells zones for each trading day. It is important that you understand we do not take blind entries on each sell or buy zone.

To help you draw a picture in your mind of what I am talking about, I have placed the 2 charts below as examples:. Back to the Extreme Zone FOREX STRATEGY. What do you do then to trade them?

Place orders with 25 Pips stop loss and aim for 30 Pips minimum. Job did! Before I move on to my last example, there is another piece of information that I have to give you. It is the answer to the question you may have next: When is it not ok to use this Forex Strategy? You can use this Forex Strategy whenever the price of any market hits the Extreme Zone.

Even NFP? Even NFP. What about the FED rate decision? European Elections? Let me put it simply for you. The Extreme zone Forex Strategy works in any market, in any condition and at any time. The system calculates for us the most Extreme levels for each day where the banks and institutions will have their big orders waiting to be filled on that particular day.

I have experienced it myself many times. When the price gets there, it immediately reverses and does Pips in seconds sometimes. You may be sleeping and lose the opportunity. I rather wake up in the morning and see profits in my account than be regretful for not having my orders in place. Get in touch and let us show you the system and the zones in action.

The Extreme zone is a given and is only one of the day trading strategies we use here at Platinum Trading Academy. Nobody can offer you a strategy like the one I introduced to you today. I can guarantee you that. You can have it too. It is your turn now. The Extreme Zone Strategy will tell you exactly where the market will stop and reverse at the end of the range. The algorithm calculates the ranges of 12 currencies over the last 15 years and gives you market reversals.

Learn how to trade the Platinum Way. Find out more about our Courses. Download our Free eBook that reveals the secrets on how professionals make millions in the financial markets. Book a Free Consultation and let us talk you through the Platinum Methodology. Good day to you all,. For those who have an eye for detail and are already wondering what the blues lines which say MAJOR CAP means, the bad news I have for you is that you will have to wait for my lesson about those.

This is another Forex Strategy we teach our clients and as you can see, they work a treat. Talk to a trader now to find out how you can use this strategy. Now let me give you some examples of that in action:. In the above chart, the price hit the Extreme zone at 1 pm and immediately reversed. In this other example above, we had price hitting the Extreme zones back to back and working.

The answer is: Never!! My challenge for you this week! Learn the Extreme Zone Strategy Now! Have a beautiful day and an even wonderful week! Nisha Patel Live from the Platinum Trading Floor. Trading Strategies Forex Blog Trading Videos Forex Trading Webinars Forex Trading Course Forex Trading For Beginners Forex Masters Programme Elite Trader Programme Crypto Courses Platinum GenerationX Funded Trading Programme. About Media Testimonials Contact Us Trading Floor.

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Forex Statistics & Trader Results From Around the World,What Does It Mean to Be Successful?

20/4/ · Forex Strategy which boasts a 98% Success Rate in the trading markets. Read about more Forex strategies at Forex Strategy Blog from Platinum Academy, UK. Forex There is no hard and fast success rate for forex. It is commonly claimed that forex has a % success rate for beginners. In other words, most beginning forex traders fail. Hard data 31/12/ · By blending good analysis with effective implementation, your success rate will improve dramatically, and, like many skill sets, good trading comes from a combination of Your success rate in forex trading is high as long as you are ready to put in the effort. There are statistics that you must have read—95% of the traders lose money or only 1% make money in There are a few more points between those three. A 5% success rate is considered good. There were around 10 who made money, but not enough to sustain their operation. According to this ... read more

Thanks For sharing your valuable information with us. Simply choose if you are a beginner or an advanced trader and fill the form below. Hey Justin, can you recommend trading books to read! My perseverance, passion and determination have assisted me a lot. An edge is everything about the way you trade that can help put the odds in your favor. Trading is hard work, but I do believe it is possible for those that are dedicated to succeed at it.

Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Translated by Google. The Van Tharp trader survey said I was a Strategic Trader similar personality type Paul Tudor Jones. how can i become a successful trader as a beginner? Vladimir Ribakov vladimirribakov. fxgaininfo says It is a good forex trading success rates to increase your wealth if you have the right skills and knowledge about the industry as a whole.